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The work aims to improve the quality of life of children and young people from refugee/migrant (Albanian speaking) backgrounds. The project aims to address difficulties and issues faced by refugee children and to combat the disadvantage and discrimination they experience

Children and young people are the future of the Albanian community in the UK. As they learn to feel pride and a sense of ownership of their dual heritage as Albanian young people growing up in the UK so we learn to celebrate and build on the future of the Albanian community in this country.

Shpresa has included children and young people in its consultations and planning throughout its history as an organisation. Children and young people are actively involved in agreeing the values and directions to inform Shpresa’s work with young people. Every year Shpresa hold Children’s and Young people congress where young people from all the 5 boroughs come together to evaluate the work done and make decision for the future development

Specific aims are to:

• to overcome fears and mistrust amongst refugee parents that prevent children engaging in activities outside the home and family

• reduce isolation by providing opportunities for Albanian speaking children to meet with other young within their community and wider community

• enable young Albanian speakers to develop a sense of identity and feel proud of cultural heritage

• reduce the stigma felt by Albanian speaking children about their ethnic identity

• enable Albanian speaking children and young people to access mainstream provision and services

• make their voice herd

• promote role models through different events and awards

• and enable them to undertake take the leadership roles

• prevent young people from engaging in crime and antisocial behaviour

Activity Calendar

Fabion aged 16yrs started kickboxing at 14yrs old. He brings his younger brother with him each week.

'Before he started kickboxing he was in special education within school due to his disruptive behaviour. He had problems managing his anger and “was getting into trouble”. He is now working towards GCSEs and plans to attend university'

He takes part in lots of other sports and says he has much more confidence.

'They teach you to be careful, that you may hurt someone so I don’t fight on the street anymore… if I am angry I wait till I come here and talk to my friends and coach and punch the bag'



We empowered members of the Albanian community to talk and share their experiences with TELCO (The East London Communities Organisation - a chapter of London Citizens, a registered charity which develops skills and leadership capacity in the neighbourhoods). Some of our members spoke to more than 1,000 people about their experiences as refugees and asylum seekers and their right to citizenship.

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