Advice and Advocacy

Shpresa Programme is proud to have played a key part in ensuring that the Albanian community in London has ‘found its feet’ with a minimum of disruption at a faster pace than many other newly arrived immigrant or asylum seeking communities.

Given that most Albanian speaking families arrived in the UK less than 10 years ago speaking very little or no English, with few resources, in a state of isolation and often considerable distress, the levels of integration and active community participation certainly exceed expectations.

Currently we work in partnership with RAMPPRAXISRAMFEL and undertake joined work. 

Shpresa’s Advice and Advocacy Project aims to:

1. Signpost Albanian speaking asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to high quality legal, and specialist advice and advocacy services

2. Support service users in accessing a range of advice and advocacy services to avoid social and economic exclusion

3. Develop partnerships which ensure that the needs of the Albanian community are addressed by those providing immigration, benefits and housing advice

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What our clients say:

“I asked with help to find a solicitor as it is hard to cope with two children illegally. Shpresa helped me to make an appointment and to collect evidence. I was supported by NASS in [name of town] for eight months, then I got status. At every step Shpresa helped with forms and correspondence”(Via translator, paraphrased)

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