Shpresa works

with over 2,000 Albanian speaking refugees and migrants each year to foster integration and to support men, women and children, enabling them to contribute to the communities in which they now live and work. Shpresa received the Queen’s Award for Volunteering in 2004.

We hold the London Youth Quality Mark, Gold Award for excellence in our Youth Work provision. We also hold the Special Distinction Award from the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education for exceptional all round high quality supplementary school provision.

We were awarded the Forum for Health and Well Being’s Communities of Health Award for the third year running in 2016.

In October 2016, we were delighted to receive the Marsh Award for our contribution to the fight against modern slavery for our work with trafficked women and children. 

At Shpresa

we have come into contact and supported many hundreds of Albanian speaking people , children who learn Albanian language dancing and perform, parents who learn English and parenting skills, volunteers who get training and support and later on jobs, women that suffer domestic violence and get protected, people who need information and guidance , food or clothes , Shpresa has become the family for the young people who are here without their parents and has become the organisation where we all can knock for help and they will try their best to help.

Our CEO received an Honorary Award as Migrant and Refugee Woman of the year in 2012, the David Crystal Award from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in 2014 in recognition of her work with Shpresa Programme fostering the study of community languages and the Ambassador For Peace from Universal Peace federation December 2016

Shpresa Programme is a registered charity number 1110688 and a company limited by guarantee number 4692860. 

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Shpresa Programme is a company Limited by Guarantee
registered in England and Wales Registration No 4692860 and registered as a charity
with the Charity Commission Charity No.1110688.