Project: Empower Women 

At Shpresa we know that violence against women and girls is perceived as normal and inevitable in large parts of Albania. This violence can take many forms: physical assaults, rape and sexual abuse, psychological abuse and coercive control. Albanian women and girls are often also the victims of trafficking by individuals.

 in Partnership

Women and girls have the right to live free from violence and discrimination and to access the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. For those seeking to leave violent and abusive relationships or to escape from traffickers it is critical that they obtained skilled help to keep them safe.

For this reason, Shpresa runs the VAWG project in partnership with 
Solace Women’s Aid which was founded over 40 years ago and last year supported over 10,000 women and children who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence.

With Solace’s expertise and Shpresa’s networks within the Albanian community we provide the following services:

  • Workshops on domestic violence, the Arise project, delivered by an Albanian speaking women, to help women speak, sometimes for the first time, about the violence and abuse they have experienced or continue to experience and to identify and where possible access to help they need 

  • Individual casework, the Empower project, also delivered by an Albanian speaking worker based at Solace to provide specialist help to women currently subjected to violence and abuse 

  • Workshops with children and young people to change their perceptions of gender based violence and to give them the tools to develop healthy relationships

  • English language classes for vulnerable women, providing them with a safe space to begin to learn English, which will in turn reduce their isolation

  • Mental health support which is rooted in an understanding of the impact of violence and abuse on women’s and girls’ mental health and well being

‘The case worker has changed my life. I can see light for my future. My life has changed. I am no longer scared but much more confident. Without the support from the “Empower project” I could not have achieved any of these things.’

Woman accessing the VAWG project at Solace 

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