Evaluation & Research

Evaluations of Shpresas impacts, approach and strategic planning

Shpresa Programme Impact Report

This report endeavors to explain how a new community arriving in the UK having been forced to flee from its homeland can adjust to their new life, re-connect with their own community, assert themselves in their new society and encourage newer communities arriving in the UK.

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Impacts and Successes

This review analyses how the Shpresa Programme, working with Albanian-speaking
refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in East London

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Shpresa Programme – Theory of Change

Outlines our approach to achievng the goal that “The Albanian Speaking Community (ASC) is integrated with dignity and plays an active role in society ”

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 Toolkit for Schools

The toolkit provides practical advice, checklists and useful contact information for those wanting to develop, or work in partnership with, Supplementary schools. We also hope that this toolkit will provide ideas and food for thought for existing Supplementary schools.

This toolkit has been written and designed by a group of parents, children, teachers, community workers and volunteers who believe passionately in the transformative power of Supplementary schools; our hope is to provide more than just advice and information. This toolkit seeks to win over children, parents, funders, commissioners and the public at large to the idea that Supplementary schools can transform the lives of children and young people, their families and schools, and help build more cohesive communities.

Who is it for?
Parents, community groups and others wanting to start a Supplementary school
Teaching staff in mainstream schools considering working in partnership with a Supplementary school
Existing Supplementary schools

Access to our literature is freely provided through the links below

Still Changing our Future

Shpresa takes women on a journey which starts with them needing help and advice but ends with them having gained the skills and confidence to provide help and advice to others. 
Report awaiting publication

'Empower Women'

Women and girls have the right to live free from violence and discrimination and to access the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. For those seeking to leave violent and abusive relationships or to escape from traffickers it is critical that they obtained skilled help to keep them safe.  

Shpresa runs the VAWG project in partnership with Solace Women’s Aid which was founded over 40 years ago and last year supported over 10,000 women and children who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence. 
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'Changing our Heads’

Evaluation of the partnership between Shpresa Programme and Solace Women’s Aid to develop a specialist service for Albanian Speaking Women experiencing violence in London
Report awaiting publication

'Making it Happen'

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Report awaiting publication

Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Shpresa Programme Report

With funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Shpresa has produced a ‘how-to’ guide for
setting up and running Supplementary schools and provides training, mentoring and ongoing
support for other community groups 
Get Paul Hamlyn’s Shpresa report - 
or find out more about Supplementary Education

Health Impact

Evaluation on the impact of our activities having on health of our users
Report awaiting publication

"...I like working with Shpresa because of the breadth as well as the depth of their commitment: their engagement with the wider community, their support for fledgling organisations, the skill with which they can mentor and support activists from other communities. I would describe Shpresa as the best run organisation of its type that I have encountered. Perhaps most of all I find the enthusiasm and commitment of staff and volunteers infectious. Thank you for being there for all of us as model. It has been a privilege to know you."

Dr Raymonde Sneddon 

University of East London

  Overcoming Gender Based Violence

A Handbook for Women in London

Domestic and gender based violence remains a tremendous social problem,, with over 74,000 domestic
crimes,, 6000 rapes and 11,000 other sexual offences were recorded by police in London in 2016.. It is it is
estimated only a small proportion are reported to police..

We hope that this first edition of “Overcoming Gender Based Violence:: A Handbook for Women in London”” will prove helpful to firstly to women and girls in London who find themselves in need of support at any time;; secondly to any practitioners in the area or beyond looking for informational supports.. 

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