Project: Still Changing our Futures

Shpresa knows that Albanian speaking women living in the UK can be isolated and that some experience violence and abuse in its many different forms.

Our Empower Project is aimed at addressing that issue. We also know that women’s mental health is affected by their experience of living in exile, their isolation and any violence and abuse they are subjected to.

We believe every woman has the right to live without fear, to benefit from supportive networks and to have the opportunity to develop her skills and talents as a valued member of the community in which she now lives.

Shpresa takes women on a journey which starts with them needing help and advice but ends with them having gained the skills and confidence to provide help and advice to others.

Changing our Futures offers women:

  • The chance to meet up each week with other Albanian speaking women to develop supportive networks and share their experiences with others who understand

  • Information about life in the UK, their rights and responsibilities and where and how to get some of the help that they need

  • A greater understanding of violence and abuse in all its forms and an awareness of their right to live free from the threat of violence

  • The opportunity to undertake training and to develop their skills and talents

  • The chance to volunteer with Shpresa and with other charities and social enterprises – we know the benefits women can bring to an organisation and so we provide supported volunteer placements to benefit the whole community

  • Support in gaining employment, in securing a place in further or higher education or in developing their own social enterprise. Being active in the labour market or in education benefits women themselves, their families and communities. We help women find education, training and employment which enables them to flourish.

“‘Shpresa gave me an opportunity as a Teaching Assistant – [they said] we will support you through the whole process - someone trusted in me, I felt like a valuable person. Even when you go for a job interview you go in with doubts but they say we will support you.’"

Women commenting on the Changing Our Futures project  

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