Women's health and well-being

Shpresa believes fervently in providing women with high quality support to enable them to build a new life in which they feel safe and able to contribute to their families and communities as full and active citizens. Taking support to women in their communities and working with specialist mental health providers we enable women to find their feet in a new society and gain employment, meaningful volunteering opportunities and an understanding of how to support their children’s schooling.

Tackling domestic violence and the long-term impact of exile has been challenging but Shpresa has developed a partnership with the Women’s Therapy Centre enabling women to find a safe space to explore how they feel and what they want for themselves and their children.

Shpresa has seen women grow and develop taking up employment and becoming community leaders as well as confident and skilled parents. We are also delighted that mainstream providers want to learn from us and develop culturally sensitive services for women from the Albanian speaking community.

Shpresa’s Women’s Health and Well-being Project aims to:

• Signpost Albanian-speaking women to mental health support services.

• Provide culturally relevant services and support to vulnerable women

• Provide a holistic package of mental health support through joint work with the Women’s Therapy Centre

• Raise awareness of the needs of Albanian women experiencing mental and emotional distress

• Raise the awareness of the needs of Albanian Women experiencing domestic violence.

We provide:

• Weekly support groups - one in each of the 5 boroughs where we work. These are Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Enfield and Haringey
• Taster sessions on therapy, quarterly in each area
• Therapy sessions in partnership with The Women’s Therapy Centre
• Training
• Information sessions
• Advice and advocacy
• Volunteering opportunities
We monitor carefully and evaluate the impact of our work.To find out more please look at 

Case study

'We are far from home, and do not have much family. When I go to Shpresa I feel I am with my family. I calm down and can cope better with my children’

‘W’, an attender at the Volunteers focus grou

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