Project: Make It Happen

At Shpresa we believe every child has the right to the support they need to be happy and health, to learn and to be safe, to feel respected and to learn to respect others.

We know growing up in an Albanian speaking family in the UK can make it hard for children to develop a positive cultural identity.

Poverty and discrimination can compound feelings of isolation and low self esteem. We work with schools and parents to help children thrive and learn to value and respect their British and their Albanian heritage.

Staff and volunteers nurture children and their parents to enable children to reach their full potential and share their skills and talents with their families, schools and local communities.

At Shpresa we believe engaging and supporting children in this way enrich all our futures.

Make It Happen offers:

  • Mother tongue Albanian language classes to enable children to learn about and respect their own cultural heritage while also accessing the social, psychological and health benefits known to be derived from bilingualism/ multi-lingualism 

  • Albanian and street dance classes to develop children’s pride in their dual cultural heritage, to develop their fitness levels and to increase their confidence as they learn to perform 

  • Access to a range of sports activities which help children to become healthier and more confident

  • Information to parents and carers about life in the UK, about the British education system and about how they can best support their children to learn and be safe and happy 

  • Support to mainstream schools so that the pupils, teachers and the wider school community can share the benefits of community engagement with the Albanian speaking community.

‘Before coming to Shpresa I was shy and I had no friends. Shpresa has built up my confidence
and now I talk more. I found myself at Shpresa.’
10 year old girl at Make It Happen 

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