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Our funders and donors are great partners to our work and play a strategic role in enabling Shpresa to make a great impact.

We could not have done anything without the generous support of our funders. We are keenly aware that on many occasions our funders have done much more than the funding arrangements have required to ensure our work is supported to achieving outcomes that have made a real difference to the lives of our community.

We are also indebted to many agencies and services for the success of our work. What has helped us has been a commitment to developing effective partnerships to maximise our resources. We have learned the advantages of being outward looking and we have been fortunate in the organisations and individuals that we have worked with.

We would like to express our appreciation. Thank you for trusting us and believing in us. Thank your partnership and support.

We have also been fortunate to work

‘I am proud and privileged to be a Friend and Supporter of the great work that Shpresa does for the Albanian community living in the UK and also for the their neighbours and friends. TELCO and Shpresa have matured together over the last several years, developing leaders, teaching our young people about civic life and tackling social injustices together. We have learned that we are so much better and more powerful together. … Your ability to fight for the community, sustain and celebrate the traditions and identity of your members – and to raise the resources that are so needed to make the organisation work and be so effective. Long may you survive and prosper. Congratulations on all you do.’

Neil Jameson  Citizens UK


Primary schools

Gascoigne Primary School is a vibrant and diverse community where pupils enjoy and achieve in a safe environment.

Every member of our school community: pupils, parents, staff and Governors are treated with respect.

We pride ourselves on the care and provision we offer to pupils and staff alike.

Secondary schools

Mayfield school  is  totally committed to the success of every child.

Learning is central to everything that they do and they strive always to ensure that every child receives the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Mayfield School is a community built on shared values of respect, fairness and hard work

Secondary schools

Gladsmore Community school  - Gladesmore is a great place to be - it is a happy and successful school. The staff are caring and work hard to nurture the
development of the children and encourage them to do their best. They believe this is why many people hold the school in such high regard. They are proud of their pupils’ achievements but never complacent.

The schools Motto is Dream it, REACH for it, Achieve it.  Children thrive in thier friendly, family atmosphere because they respect and encourage each other in a climate which prides itself on everyone doing their best.

Their values are central to their successes Respect; Enthusiasm; Attitude; Cooperation; and, Hard work.

Secondary schools

St Andrews High school  - is  about ensuring every student achieves their dreams and aspirations; the school  know this doesn’t always come easy and they are passionate about building strength, trust and resilience to enable every stakeholder greater chances of success and fulfillment.

St Andrew’s really is a very special place to be right now as we are creating exciting learning spaces, developing the curriculum and building our enrichment opportunities.

All to bring an enjoyable secondary experience to every student that is part of our family.


Social Partnerships

Shpresa has been fortunate to build strong working relaitonships with a number of partners int he third sector

We are currently active and keen to  collaborate with partner organisations on a range of topics, including but not limited to

  • Asylum & Migration

  •  Gender Based Violence

  • Integration and Scoial Inclusion

Solace Partnership

Solace Women’s Aid exists to bring an end to the harm done through domestic and sexual violence to all survivors and in particular women and children. Our work is holistic and empowering, working alongside survivors to achieve independent lives free from abuse.

Solace Women’s Aid’s core values reflect our history and were developed in consultation with staff, service users, and trustees. We are:

Women and children focused and empowering
Diverse and anti-discriminatory in all our practice
Committed to service users having a central voice within the organisation
Feminist in our understanding of domestic and sexual violence
Committed to continuous improvement


We have also been fortunate to workwith 

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