Current Projects

 Make It Happen

At Shpresa we believe every child has the right to the support they need to be happy and health, to learn and to be safe, to feel respected and to learn to respect others. We know growing up in an Albanian speaking family in the UK
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 Empower Women

At Shpresa we know that violence against women and girls is perceived as normal and inevitable in large parts of Albania. Thi violence can take many forms: physical assaults, rape and sexual abuse and coercive control...

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 Still Changing our Future

Shpresa knows that Albanian speaking women living in the UK can be isoltaed and that some experience violence and abuse in its many different forms (see our Empower Women project)...

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Shpresa knows that the best services are run by those with lived experience who can act as role models to inspire, motivate and encourage others. We do not run services ‘for’ people, instead we run them ‘with’ people. 
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  Working Together to develop Resilience

Young people are under increasing pressure – research has identified social media and the exam system as some of the sources of this pressure. At Shpresa we work with young people who can face additional hurdles to feeling happy, staying safe..
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 Young People’s service

Young people are under increasing pressure – research has identified social media and the exam system as some of the sources of this pressure. At Shpresa we work with young people who can face additional hurdles to feeling happy, staying safe and reaching their full potential. 

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Resources & Consulting

We can offer consultancy support to your service or organisation in a range of areas including awareness, education, mentoring, and team challenges among other activities...

Activities and Clubs

The work aims to improve the quality of life of children and young people from refugee/migrant (Albanian speaking) backgrounds.

Supporting parental engagment

Shpresa’s unique approach to supplementary schooling and family support for families with children and young people places parents alongside their children at the heart of our work.

Women's health and well-being

Shpresa believes fervently in providing women with high quality support to enable them to build a new life in which they feel safe and able to contribute to their families and communities as full and active citizens.


The work aims to improve life chances for the Albania speaking children and young people in Redbridge by providing Individual and group mentoring services

Advice and Advocacy

Currently we work in partnership with RAMP. PRAXIS, RAMFEL and undertake joined work.


Shpresa’s volunteering work is central to our mission to enable Albanian speaking people to play a full role in society

"I have had privilege of knowing and working with Shpresa Programme for many years and have seen the organisation and its people grow and contribute to the success and greatness of London. The most impressive achievement of Shpresa is not only their work in educating Albanian young people but also sharing their knowledge and experience with other communities around them, ensuring that others benefit from their achievements"

Zrinka Bralo 

Chief Executive of The Forum - Welcoming Migrants To London

  • Newham – 2 venues our main office ,
  • Forest gate youth centre

  • Haringay – 1 venue
  • Redbridge – 1 venue
  • Barking and Dageham – 1 venue
  • Croydon – 4 venues
  • Waltham forest – 1 venue
  • Enfield – 2 venues

Some of our previous activities

Children and Young People project 

- aims to improve the life , the education and the wellbeing of the Albanian speaking children from refugee, asylum and migrant backgrounds as well as enabling their voices to get heard.

Women's Heath and Wellbeing

 - aims to improve the chances of the Albanian speaking women to break the isolation, loneliness and other barriers so they could improve their health, integrate within the society and play a full part in the family, community and society

Volunteering project

aims to promote volunteering amongst Albanian speaking community as way forward in improving their chances of employment as well as their Education and health. In the same time as an organization we offer work placement and internship and team challenges for business teams

Advice and Advocacy project

aims to provide in partnership with other providers such as RAMP, Praxis, RAMFEL and Community links advice and advocacy on behalf of the Albanian speaking clients in different fields such as benefits, immigration etc

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