Training and Consultancy

Our Consultancy

We can offer consultancy support to your service or organisation in a range of areas, including:

Awareness  Training

Raising the awareness about the Albanian culture amongst pupils of all ages in schools and other community groups.

Social Entrepreneurship & Mentoring

Mentoring for individuals who are setting up community groups , parent groups or organizations

Albanian Migration Issues

Experiences of Albanian speaking refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in UK. Engaging effectively with Albanian speaking parents and children. Experiences of Albanian speaking parents with the education in UK.  Engaging with Albania speaking women. Experience of volunteering amongst Albanian speaking community

Educator Training

Raising the awareness about the Albanian culture and education systems in Albania and Kosova amongst teachers in mainstream schools

Gender Based and Domestic Violence

Strong partnerships with UK and Albanian organisations  and  strong research and knowedge of GBV/DV issues in an Albanian context. 

Team challenges

We have a building which is a very good resource for a number of groups and community organizations and very often is used for team challenges from businesses such as Barclays, Accenture, etc



We hire out our facilities to groups and individuals whether its for meetings, discussions groups, social clubs, team activities, or gatherings.
There are two rooms available for hire (one lounge, one mulit purpose) as well as dining area and full size kitchen. (As shown in photos below)

The hiring rates are as listed:

Launge - £14.65 PH
Kitchen/Dinner - £16.70 PH
Multi Purpose - £7.10 PH

Please read more information on our venues and the hiring procedures by download the Venue brochure

For more infomation please contact us on 020 7474 6829 / 020 7511 1586 or

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